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I go into my library, and all history unrolls before me. – Alexander Smith

Book Artwork September 28, 2007

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Take a look at this beautiful artwork created by Brian Dettmer who carves into books to reveal the images inside thus creating complex, layered sculptures.  Very cool.  More examples HERE.

Book Artwork


The Book of Lists for Teens September 25, 2007

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The Seven Most Common Recurring Teen Dreams:

  1. Being naked.
  2. Falling.
  3. Teeth falling out.
  4. Taking an exam.
  5. Being chased.
  6. Flying.
  7. Weird dreams that make no sense.

Find out what these dreams mean and take a look at all kinds of other crazy lists from “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor say about you” to “five ways to forgive someone” by checking out The Book of Lists for Teens!!  (Over 250 lists of who’s who, what’s up, how to, why not and whatever!)

Available in the library.


Looking For Alaska “Book Trailer” September 24, 2007

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Looking For Alaska John Green

This is a “book trailer” for the Printz Award winning novel Looking For Alaska, which Ms. Hall highly recommends.  The author stumbled upon this video online one day, which was created by a teenager that loved the book, and was so impressed by it that he posted it to his own blog.  He said he was as excited to see this video as he was to hear he had won the Printz Award!


“I now walk out to live amongst the wild.” September 18, 2007

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Jon Krakauer’s best selling book Into the Wild, the tragic story of Chris McCandless’ mysterious life and death is being adapted into a film directed by Sean Penn.  Several copies of the book are available in the library.  To read Krakauer’s original article written for Outside Magazine visit this link:

   To find out more about the movie:


Happy Birthday Bella! September 14, 2007

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Attention Twilight Fans!!  September 13th is Bella Swan’s Birthday.  The city of Forks, Washington is officially celebrating this day as “Stephenie Meyer Day”.  For more Twilight news refer to the author’s website or the official fan site


Cool Author Website September 12, 2007

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Check out this author’s website!!

Here is a summary of her latest book Wicked Lovely.

Aislinn has always been able to see the faeries that walk invisible among humans, but she keeps her ability secret because they are dangerous. Unfortunately, the Summer King targets her to be his next queen, forcing Aislinn to take action. Celtic folklore gets a modern twist in this eerie story told from three rotating points of view.