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Twilight Saga Character Slogan Contest October 17, 2007

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Stephenie Meyer’s official website is hosting a character slogan contest.  Winners receive free books and Twilight gear.  The contest entails creating a two-word slogan representative of each of the following characters:

Emmett, Jasper, Bella, Carlisle, & Esme

For the Contest webpage:

For the official Contest rules:

If you have some ideas for slogans post a comment!


2 Responses to “Twilight Saga Character Slogan Contest”

  1. cardinallibrary Says:

    Here are Ms. Hall’s ideas for slogans:

    Emmett: “You hungry?”
    Bella: “Edward, always…”
    Esme: “There, there”

    Can’t think of any good ones for Jasper or Carlisle yet.

  2. cesparz1 Says:

    Jasper:”You’re confused”
    Bella: “I am?”
    Emmett: “Me too”
    Esme: “Please explain”

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