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Midnight Sun Leaked!! August 30, 2008

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Disappointing news:

An unfinished manuscript of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s perspective) was illegally leaked on the internet last week.  Stephenie Meyer was so frustrated and disappointed that she announced on her website that she was putting the project “on hold indefinitely.”  She has also posted the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun that were leaked for her fans on her website.   If you would like to hear her response to the leak and read perhaps the only 12 chapters of Midnight Sun that may ever see the light of day visit the following link:

I have not read the 12 chapters and am unsure whether I will in their unfinished state.  I would prefer to read a finished, polished product.  I will say that I am disappointed in how Meyer has handled the situation and hope that she will return to Midnight Sun in the future. 

More Info:

Twilight’ Author Puts ‘Midnight Sun’ On Hold After Online Leak


2 Responses to “Midnight Sun Leaked!!”

  1. Alyss Heart Says:

    I must say it was really cruel of whom ever has illegally published her creation. I agree fully with Stephenie Meyer that she postpone Midnight Sun till she has decided she feels good enough about it to finish.

  2. Alyss Heart Says:

    I mean we don’t want her killing off the Cullens, do we?

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